Voltage Drop Calculator

The Voltage Drop Calculator is a close calculation based upon your input on the voltage drop, the voltage at the end of the load, and more. Beware, there may be other factors on the job site that effect these calculations. Professional consultation from a certified electrician is recommended for more specific calculations.

Voltage Drop Table

The Voltage Drop Table displays the values used to calculate voltage drop.

Wire Size Calculator

The Wire Size Calculator will determine the minimum size conductor needed based upon a 3% voltage drop. It does not take into consideration other factors such as minimum ampacity based upon the National Electrical Code table 310-16. (Allowable ampacity of Conductors) Consult Electrical code for further details. The use of these tables and/or calculators are the responsibility of the user only. The results produced by using these tables and/or calculators are not guaranteed to be correct or applicable in all situations.

Chuck’s Lighting Project Calculation Tool

The Lighting Project Calculation excel sheet designed and used by Dunn Electric’s Engineering and Production Manager, Chuck Francisco, calculates the total cost, simple payback, monthly savings and total rebates possible for an energy efficient lighting upgrade by comparing data from an existing lighting system against a proposed lighting system. Similar to the NYSERDA Life Cycle Cost Tool, but more simplified to get right to the point…amount of money saved through more energy efficient lighting.

Overhead Service

The Overhead Service document helps determine what materials are needed for an overhead service procedure. Essentially, the diagram and products provided in the document serve as a shopping list so that when you’re going to buy materials for an overhead service job, you’ll know just what to get.

Underground Service

Same idea as the Overhead Service tool, the Underground Service document helps determine what materials are needed for an underground service procedure.


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NYSERDA Life Cycle Cost Tool

The Life Cycle Cost Tool provides a complete financial analysis of competing project designs. The analysis takes into account all of the owning and operating costs, including installation and material costs, and energy and maintenance costs. It shows that an incremental investment in effective, energy-efficient design can yield savings year after year. This is presented in terms of the commonly accepted simple payback period (in years) and in the rate of return on investment. The cumulative energy and maintenance
expenditures and savings are shown in five, ten, fifteen, and twenty year increments to help your client understand savings over the life of the system.