Recycling Services

Dunn Electric Supply has added recycling to the list of provided services. We offer recycling for various types of lamps, ballasts and other materials. Recycling with Dunn Electric Supply is simple, fast and effective.

What is the Universal Waste Rule?

The Universal Waste Rule was designed to reduce the amount of hazardous waste items in the municipal solid waste stream, encourage the recycling and proper disposal of some common hazardous wastes, and reduce the regulatory burden on businesses that generate these wastes. The Universal Waste Rule established the guidelines for the following categories: Lamps, Batteries, Ballasts and mercury containing devices.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued the following

“Generators of hazardous waste lamps may choose between handling their lamps under the traditional regulatory scheme or as universal wastes. To facilitate compliance with New York State’s Mercury Added Consumer Products Law, low mercury lamps may also be handled under the universal waste rule. A handler of hazardous waste lamps who fails to comply with the New York state universal waste rule may be considered to be in violation of hazardous waste laws and regulations. Under New York state’s Universal Waste Rule, 6 NYCRR Part 364 Waste Transporter requirements are still applicable, requiring a waste transporter permit for transporters carrying more than 500 pounds of universal wastes.

Under Chapter 145, Laws of 2004, “Mercury-Added Consumer Products Law,” even low-mercury (green end cap) lamps are subject to certain management standards. Under this law, defined Small Businesses may discard of up to fifteen low-mercury lamps per calendar month. If the non-hazardous lamps are commingled with universal waste lamps, all of the waste is regulated as universal waste. The Department strongly encourages the recycling of any lamps containing mercury.

Lamps handled under the Universal Waste Rule cannot be put in the trash dumpster because they would not be handled in a way to minimize breakage. Generators of universal waste lamps can self-transport up to 500 lbs of lamps per shipment to an authorized universal waste handler, or treatment or disposal facility under the provisions of 6 NYCRR Part 364. Conditionally exempt, small or large quantity hazardous waste generators cannot put hazardous waste lamps in the trash dumpster.”

For more information about hazardous waste management, please visit the NYS DEC web site:

Recycling Procedure

1) Place used lamps in carton. (Use recycling cartons and the cartons that new lamps come in.)
Dunn Electric will supply empty cartons, pails, and barrels to get the recycling process started.

2) Fill out the recycling pickup form/order request with the quantities. Place one copy with the carton to be returned and one copy for your records.

3) Label the carton “Universal Waste.”

4) Completely seal the carton.

5) Notify Dunn Electric for pick-up. We will pick-up your cartons with your next delivery or at an appointed time.

We provide recycling services for:

Dunn Electric provides recycling services at a cost for the following:

• Straight Fluorescent Tubes
• U-Tube, Compact Fluorescent, Biax, Par, Halogen
• High Intensity Discharge (HID), Mercury, Metal Halide
• Hi Pressure, Low Pressure
• Coated or Shattershield
• Ultraviolet, Germicidal
• Incandescent
• Ballast, PCB
• Ballast, Non-PCB

All mercury-containing lamps, regardless of the amount of mercury, should be handled as a hazardous (“universal”) waste and stored carefully to avoid breakage.

NOTE: All fluorescent and HID lamps contain mercury.
Green tip or low-mercury fluorescent lighting still contain mercury, just less and SHOULD NOT BE PLACED IN THE TRASH.

For more information, please contact Dunn Electric Supply.