Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

Success Stories

  • One of the biggest benefits is that there’s no more buzzing! It’s great. It’s something people don’t think about after it’s gone, but with these lights there is no more buzzing sound, just like you guys said would happen.

    Richard Harlem Harlem Law Office
  • The best part is the electricity meter is at half speed now, sometimes less than half when the heater’s off and it’s just the lights.

    Joe Monser Brothers Tire Sales Inc
  • Customers and employees are saying they can see the products on shelves more clearly and better yet, we’ve already recognized a 40% decrease on our electric bill.

    Steve Munson Munson's Building Supplies
  • With the incentives and rebates, really you would be foolish not to do it, especially since it also cuts the lighting bills in half.

    Donna Greene New York Susquehanna & Western Railway
  • I’m very pleased with the results. We’ve had nothing but positive comments from the staff out back and other employees. As the financial officer I’m also pleased with the fiscal savings. I’ve already noticed at least 20% energy savings.

    Joe Waz Williams Door & Hardware