At Dunn Electric Supply we’re committed to providing the latest information in products, promotions, and programs that focus on “Think Green” to help you or your customers save energy. The phrase “going green” is not a future concept to consider leisurely. It’s a standard to live by to better preserve our resources, tread this earth responsibly, and save money in difficult economic times, such as these. Join us in our “Think Geen” initiative by utilizing the information below.

Save Green

Coming Soon! Energy saving products offered by Dunn Electric Supply. Featuring products like P2 Precision-Paragon fluorescent strip fixtures, Maxlite Compact Flourescent Lamps, Osram-Sylvania Electonic Ballasts, Rab LED Wall Pack Lighting, Hubbell Motion Occupancy Sensors, GE Immersion LED Case Lighting, and Big Beam LED Exit Signs

Go Green: Resources & Links

Learn about green product rebates, incentive programs and how you or your customers can start saving today by going green.

Energy Efficiency Tips

Energy Efficient Tips is a section dedicated to staying up to date with industry trends, energy efficient products, and residential and commercial lighting solutions. Each week we’ll discuss a new topic with the hope to establish an online resource for energy saving techniques.